Yim Wing Chun techniques are a style of martial arts that is practiced in China. It is named after a legendary 17th century Chinese character who was the first master of the art. Also known as Wing Chun, it is one of the major styles of Kung Fu martial arts. Wing Chun was inspired by a fight between a crane and snake.


Hung Gar Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial art, and it belongs to the Southern Kung Fu group of styles. It is believed to have originated from the Southern Shaolin Temple in China’s Fukien province and it dates back to the times of the early Qing Dynasty, in the 17th century China. The founder of the system was one Hung Hei Gun, a student of Shaolin monk Gee Seen Sim See. Hung Gar has a reputation as a strong style that focuses on external force, but internal focus and the cultivation of qi (life energy) are also important parts of this traditional martial art.


Tai chi martial arts is a term that refers to the movements associated with an ancient Chinese discipline dating back more than 2,000 years. Most people think of fighting with kicks and punches when they hear the words “martial arts” but tai chi is different. This activity consists of slow, rhythmic body movements designed to promote a calm sense of inner peace.


The term Kung Fu martial arts stands for a series of fighting styles developed in China over thousands of years. Today it is seen as a traditional sport, and is gaining increasing popularity throughout Europe and North America. Although it involves fighting techniques, its basic philosophy embraces peace and virtue, not violence, and it is…