Named after the first official Dojo that was built in 1963 at Mejiro by Gichin Funakoshi, Shotokan is an epic karate style that is based on sound philosophical principles of ensuring absolute perfection of the character of participants.


Samurai training has been an integral part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. It focused on the overall development of the warrior and not just the physical aspects. Poetry, philosophy and literature were common subjects for Samurai students, along with the combat lessons.


Judo is a Japanese form of martial arts that has its origins in Jujutsu. The word “judo” means “gentle way”. Its Japanese creator, Jigoro Kano, was a master in many different Jujutsu styles before he went on to develop his own school of martial arts in the late 19th century. The result was an effective self-defense system, a great way to get fit and build up strength, and a martial art that develops many useful life skills.