Although it is still used as a type of attack and defense technique, it has recently become a popular type of exercise and sports entertainment.

Like most other forms of martial arts, there is a belt system; the white belt, yellow belt, orange belt, green belt, blue belt, brown belt and dan black belt.

This martial art has a variety of techniques that separate it from other types of martial arts via a variety of physiognomies. Several characteristics of kickboxing include elbow strikes, head butts, strikes of the knee, submissions and throws. Also, kickboxing typically takes place in a ring. While kickboxing martial arts is one category in the realm of martial art fighting, there are many kickboxing sub-styles. Some kickboxing sub-styles include American kickboxing, or full contact Karate, which utilizes a lot of padding, kicks and punches and also has many attributes of another sub-type of kickboxing called Muay Thai. Muay Thai, another style of kickboxing, places emphasis on elbow and knee strikes and Japanese kickboxing is similar to Muay Thai. Another kind of kickboxing is shoot boxing, which allows submissions and throwing. Although there are various sub-types of kickboxing, in the United States, there is one style that most people may be familiar with: American Kickboxing.

American Kickboxing is also known as “full contact karate” and is said to be the “modern style of kickboxing”. This class of kickboxing was brought into the forefront by Muay Thai fighter Tatsuo Yamada. Master martial artist Bruce Lee also inspired the current form of kickboxing, but another innovator of the modern form of kickboxing was Joe Lewis. Lewis had grown frustrated with the limitations that traditional karate and karate sanctions had on fighting style. In the early 1970s, Joe Lewis was competed in several contact karate promotional fights and became the first full contact champion. In the mid-1970s, this new style of fighting was renamed “Kickboxing” and made its debut in the first sanctioning body for kickboxing, the World Professional Karate Championships.

As the years went by, more and more sanctioning bodies were established and eventually, in the late 1980s, the Americanized version of kickboxing became world renowned. In the early 1990s, the International Kickboxing Federation was created and as of today is one of the most active kickboxing sanctioning bodies in the world.

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