When looking into different martial arts styles, you will want to work with ones that can be practical for day to day use, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques are among the most useful to learn. It is better to be prepared than to be helpless. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu contains a series of moves that are based on Jiu Jistu, but have been modified in Brazil to be more practical when used on the street.

Statistics show that over ninety five percent of all street fights that begin, end up on the ground, which means that ground fighting skills are a must in order to learn effective self defense. If your attacker ends up on the ground, their moves will be severely limited, which will then allow you to finish the fight as is necessary. However, if you are fighting more than one opponent, you will want to be careful, as you do not want to end up on the ground with one opponent, only to end up becoming vulnerable to the others. As such Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be very useful in the right situations, but as with any martial art style, you will want to be cautious and plan each move carefully.

Brazilian ground fighting through the modifications made in Jiu Jitsu were once not considered to be very effective, but that changed in recent years when several schools have opened up that showcase the power and practicality of the fighting style. Royce Gracie was one of the leading pioneers of this ground fighting style, as he showed all viewers its effectiveness when he competed in the first several UFC fights that were held in the U.S. Keep in mind that this is a tournament that pits different styles of martial arts against each other, meaning that individuals will have to improvize and move accordingly, based on their several techniques. What this means is that Gracie had to make the most of his fighting style against a wide variety of others, showcasing his personal effectiveness in the ring.

Brazilian techniques, as they are applied to the Asian style, focus primarily on all of the throws and grapples that are a crucial part of the original style itself. The techniques, however, are further modified so that they can be used as effective against opponents in an improvised fighting scenario. They focus on several ways to improve your position while you are ground grappling, while showing you different ways to take the fight to the ground. Once these techniques are in place, the martial arts focuses on a wide variety of counters, escapes, and take down moves that will allow you to always maintain control of the fight, no matter what your positioning may be.

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