Jeet kune do techniques are derived from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (JKD) also known as Jeet Kun Doa hybrid and eclectic martial art system as well as philosophy. The martial artist developed this non classical style in 1967 with direct and simple movements. The practitioners of this style believe in minimal movements that bring out extreme speed and maximum effects. The system generally works by using diverse tools for different situations. The situations are categorized into certain ranges that include: punching, kicking, grappling and trapping where the artists use the techniques to flow between all of them. Most martial artists refer to it as a style that does not have any style or as Lee referred to it as “fighting without fighting”. Unlike the other traditional martial arts this is not patterned or fixed. Instead it is a philosophy that does not have any guiding thoughts. During interviews and in his writings, Lee said that it is the art of expressing the human body. Some of the principles that come out with this martial art style include:


Straight lead

Lee said that this was one of the most parts of the style’s punching. This is a strike that is formulated for speed and not a power strike. It should at all times be held loosely with slight motion. This makes it effective as it becomes more challenging to see and block since it adds speed. It is considered one of fastest and most accurate JKD punch. Speed is a result of the fist being held out slightly which makes it closer to its target and the accuracy can be attributed to the punch that is thrown from a person’s centerline straightforward. This should be thrown and held loosely which easily tightens upon impact adding to the artists punch. This can be thrown from different levels and angles.


Non telegraphed punch

This is one of the jeet kune do techniques where Lee felt that if there were no telegraphing signs when a person is about to attack, it would result in better impact. This is because attacks are supposed to throw the opponent off guard where they are not able to launch counter-attack. The whole concept behind this was that a person should initiate a punch without fore-warning the opponent. The main aim here is to keep ones arms and body loose to only become tense on impact. This way, the opponent does not get wind of what of what is being planned.

Jeet Kune Do Technique

Be like water

Behind this principle, Lee emphasizes on the fact that situations in everyday life and in fighting are normally varied. Therefore if a person wants to obtain victory, it is important not to be rigid but to be able to adapt to any kind of situation that comes your way. The compared this with water where a person is supposed to empty their minds, be shapeless and formless just like water. For instance if water is put into a cup, it automatically becomes a cup, the same happens when put in a bottle and other things. Water can crash and it can flow and artists are supposed to emulate this. This is where you should know the right times to speed or slow down, contract or expand and when to crash or remain flowing.


Economy of motion

Lee teaches that the simplest things end up working best. With this, practitioners are supposed to achieve a couple of things such as:

Directness- this involves doing want comes naturally but in a disciplined manner. Efficiency- an attack that reaches the target with maximum force and the least amount of time. Simplicity- thinking without ornamentation/ in an uncomplicated manner.

This helps the artists to save both time and energy 2 important components when it comes to physical confrontation. Maximized force tends to ends the battle faster because of the amount of damage that is inflicted on the opponent. This is simply because it aims at reaching the target before the opponent gets a chance to.


When a martial artist utilizes jeet kune do techniques they will most likely become successful in all of their battles. All they have to do is make sure they follow all the instructions to the latter and they will be good to go.

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