Bare knuckle boxing, as the name implies is a boxing match between two combatants without the use of gloves. Many people may confuse this type of fighting with street fighting, but the different is that bare knuckle boxing will always have some sort of rules in place. All of these rules are designed to provide the combatants with a sporting fight, though there are many practical applications of the martial art style as well. Much like with any style, speed and form is emphasized, and most of the rules revolving around organized bare knuckles boxing draw attention to this.

Many people may think that this type of fighting is much more dangerous than boxing with gloves, which they believe softens resulting blows. The opposite is in fact true, as bare knuckle fighting emphasizes careful positioning of your fists and attacks in order to minimize damage to your hands. With boxing gloves on, combatants are free to attack with as much force as they desire, as their hands are protected. This means that bare knuckle fighting puts more emphasis on correct form and positioning to ensure that you keep your hands free of damage while you strike your opponent.

In a professional setting, individuals engaging in the boxing sport will have to fight with bare knuckles, though they may wrap their hands and wrists, so long as the knuckles are left bare. Different rings and competition may specify different lengths of gauze, but all wrappings must be kept below the bottom of the knuckle in order to qualify. The purpose of this style of fighting is not much different from other types of martial arts. You are to fight with your opponent until one combatant is left standing, and fighting in an organized arena means adhering to the specified knockdown standards. In such official scenarios, the combatant who is left standing must immediately stop all fighting until his opponent is either taken out of the fight or is ready to continue to the next round. Hitting the downed opponent is strictly forbidden, and this applies to all areas where the martial art may be used, both in a street scenario and competition. This makes the martial art one that emphasizes personal responsibility and careful thinking.

The martial art allows for a wide variety of unique fitness opportunities, and most exercises revolve around strengthening the hands and wrists in order to ensure that they are not damaged during a fight. Training to be proficient with this style of fighting involves concentrating on lean muscle power in order to ensure your mobility and striking power. There are several unique stances and attacks that emphasize on striking with the heel of your palm in order to minimize the damage to your hands, while allowing you the chance to catch your opponent off guard. It is a very versatile type of fighting style because of how vital movement and reaction is. The fluidity of this fighting style makes it an ideal choice to learn for just about all occasions.

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Review Of Bare Knuckle Boxing
Bare knuckle boxing, as the name implies is a boxing match between two combatants without the use of gloves. Many people may confuse this type of fighting with street fighting

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