Different martial arts are designed with different goals in mind, and Choi Kwang Do is no exception. To different extents, all martial arts are dedicated to providing ways to strengthen the mind and the body, in addition to providing a wide range of self defense options. Choi Kwang Do is a universally recognized martial art style that has been developed by practitioner Kwang Jo Choi. This style of martial arts focuses on fluid and flexible motions, standing in direct contrast with certain other martial arts that focus more on stauncher stances and techniques. In order to achieve optimal levels of flexibility in its practitioners, it makes use of a stretching system that is focused around various yoga principles, in addition to strength building exercises.

The style was first developed by Kwang Jo Choi in 1987. He was a very successful Tae Kwon Do trainer, and served as a chief instructor in a school before he would move on to develop his own style of fighting. As he taught and demonstrated Tae Kwon Do techniques on his travels in Asia, he became injured during his demonstrations. The injury was so severe that he could not continue practicing, and, as a result of the injury, he flew to North America to find a doctor for his injuries. During his time off of training, he determined that his injuries were caused by how he was performing his martial arts. In order to speed up his recovery, Choi would include rehabilitative exercises into his daily routine, while he took the time to attend different seminars to learn more about rehabilitation techniques. Over time, Choi would incorporate all of these techniques into a fighting style of his own creation, which he would call Choi Kwang Do. There are currently schools of the technique all over the world.

The techniques and movements that the style incorporates are designed to emphasize the motions of biomechanics, while employing a variety of different modern practices, such as psychology and kinesiology. This resulted in a style that makes use of natural movements a fluid sequences of motion that are designed to connect with powerful impact, while setting less stress on the joints. It acts as a primarily exercise based style that incorporates numerous principles and breathing exercises from yoga.

The style itself was not designed to be used in a competitive environment, but rather in a comfortable one where the individual could practice to achieve their goals. It can provide a powerful and effective natural response to everyday situations, and it can be used for defensive purposes, as the primary principles are based around reaction. Training drills and exercises usually involve a mixture of various movements, including contact scenarios where practitioners strike shields and pads, as well as non contact drills that focus on strengthening the body. The technique also involves fighting in groups in close quarter drills that are designed to emulate possible attacking scenarios. This martial art can be an excellent choice for those with fitness goals in mind, as it can provide an intensive workout in addition to valuable self defense lessons.

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