Mixed martial arts training has really taken off in the past few years all over the world. Many amateurs are getting into MMA so that they can get into better shape, while professional athletes are trying to make a living fighting professionally. As the name implies, there are obviously a number of styles to utilize. Here is a quick look at each of the different styles people seem to be gravitating towards. Most of the best MMA fighters are going to be good at a variety of these techniques.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This Japanese technique 1st took off in the 1990s, and it has since turned into one of the most popular mixed martial arts training methods. Fighters who go down to the ground particularly use this style. It emphasizes positioning, joint locks and chokes for the most part in order to neutralize an opponent.


Whether a person is taking karate lessons as a child or they are learning as an adult, it is one of the most basic forms to practice. It is important to be very strong as a fighter standing up, and karate focuses on kickboxing and being on attack. Having good balance and being able to strike at the right time is important for fighters when they are using karate.

Muay Thai

Many fighters are using Muay Thai as a strong foundation for striking during a fight. It is a very good technique and training method to use for fighters because of the versatility allows. A person can attack in a variety of ways, ranging from kicks to holds to throws. Fighters who prefer to stand up and attack in fights will use this aggressive style. It is a bit advanced, so most beginners take a little bit of time before they are strong at it.

Tae Kwon Do

Many of the top techniques have been around for a while. That is certainly the case with tae kwon do as it is the old Korean art of self-defense. A person is going to be learning the different types of kicks, punches, strikes and blocks with this training method. Since it is a core method of fighting, many people start with this training to get a nice core going.

Finally, the Japanese have been using judo as a common method for over 100 years. Those who practice this form will be focusing on getting their opponent on the ground and neutralizing them with some type of move. This method is used to quickly move from defense to offense in a standard fight.

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